Kepler Eclipsing Binary Paper Series

Prsa et al (2011) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. I. Catalog and Principal Characterization of 1879 Eclipsing Binaries in the First Data Release (Catalog V1)

Slawson et al (2011) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. II. 2165 Eclipsing Binaries in the Second Data Release (Catalog V2)

Matijevic et al (2012) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. III. Classification of Kepler Eclipsing Binary Light Curves with Locally Linear Embedding (Included in V3)

Conroy et al (2014a) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. IV. Precise Eclipse Times for Close Binaries and Identification of Candidate Three-Body Systems (Included in V3)

Conroy et al (2014b) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. V. Identification of 31 Candidate Eclipsing Binaries in the K2 Engineering Data-set (Included in V3, check "K2 Engineering" in the search form)

LaCourse et al (2015) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. VI. Identification of Eclipsing Binaries in the K2 Campaign 0 Data-set (will be included in V3, check "C0" in the search form)

Kirk et al (2016) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. VII. The Catalog of Eclipsing Binaries Found in the Entire Kepler Data-Set (Catalog V3)

Abdul-Masih et al (2016) - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. VIII. Identification of False Positive Eclipsing Binaries and Re-extraction of New Light Curves (Catalog V3 - indirect)

Orosz et al; in prep - Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. ??. Accurate Eclipse Times for Long-Period Detached and Semi-Detached Binaries

Kepler repurposing white paper

Kepler's Unparalleled Exploration of the Time Dimension -- appendix

Kepler Eclipsing Binaries Papers

Beck, Hambleton, Vos (2013) - Pulsating red giant stars in eccentric binary systems discovered from Kepler space-based photometry
       8095275 10614012 2697935 8803882 7431665 2444348 2720096 7799540 8144355 5039392 5006817 9408183 9151763 9540226 9163796 11044668 8210370

Bloemen et al (2011) - Kepler observations of the beaming binary KPD 1946+4340

Bloemen et al (2012) - Mass ratio from Doppler beaming and Rømer delay versus ellipsoidal modulation in the Kepler data of KOI-74

Carter et al (2011) - KOI-126: A Triply Eclipsing Hierarchical Triple with Two Low-Mass Stars

Debosscher et al (2011) - Global stellar variability study in the field-of-view of the Kepler satellite

Debosscher et al. 2013 - KIC 11285625: a double-lined spectroscopic binary with a gamma Dor pulsator discovered from Kepler space photometry

Derekas et al (2011) - HD 181068: A Red Giant in a Triply Eclipsing Compact Hierarchical Triple System

Doyle et al. (2011) - Kepler-16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet

Fontaine et al (2011) - Discovery of a New AM CVn System with the Kepler Satellite

Guo et al (2016) - Kepler Eclipsing Binaries with Delta Scuti/Gamma Doradus Pulsating Components I: KIC 9851944

Guo et al (2016) - Tidally Induced Pulsations in Kepler Eclipsing Binary KIC 3230227

Hekker et al (2010) - Discovery of a Red Giant with Solar-like Oscillations in an Eclipsing Binary System from Kepler Space-based Photometry

Lee et al. (2014) - The Eclipsing System V404 Lyr: Light-Travel Times and Gamma Doradus Pulsations

Oestensen et al (2010) - 2M1938+4603: a rich, multimode pulsating sdB star with an eclipsing dM companion observed with Kepler

Pablo et al (2012) - Seismic evidence for non-synchronization in two close sdb+dM binaries from Kepler photometry
       11179657 2991403

Rappaport et al. (2012) - Possible Disintegrating Short-period Super-Mercury Orbiting KIC 12557548

Roettenbacher et al. (2016) - KOI-1003: A New Spotted, Eclipsing RS CVn Binary in the Kepler Field

Schwamb et al (2012) - Planet Hunters: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet in a Quadruple Star System

Silvotti et al (2012) - Orbital properties of an unusually low-mass sdB star in a close binary system with a white dwarf

Southworth et al (2011) - Kepler photometry of KIC 10661783: a binary star with total eclipses and ? Scuti pulsations

Stark et al. (2013) - A Search for Exozodiacal Clouds with Kepler

Telting et al (2012) - Three ways to solve the orbit of KIC 11 558 725: a 10-day beaming sdB+WD binary with a pulsating subdwarf

Tkachenko et al (2012) - Detection of gravity modes in the massive binary V380 Cyg from Kepler space-based photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy

Welsh et al (2012) - The Transiting Circumbinary Planets Kepler-34 and Kepler-35
       8572936 9837578